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DB Backups is a product from Renuo AG in Wallisellen (CH). DB Backups is a service which connects to your databases and performs backups.

Renuo AG Industriestrasse 44 CH-8304 Wallisellen [email protected]

Registered company name: Renuo AG Number: CHE-409.950.039 Commercial register office: Zurich VAT no: CHE-409.950.039 MWST Authorized representative: Samuel Steiner

This data privacy statement describes which type of data DB Backups processes for which purpose.

Legal bases, changes

In processing its users' data, DB Backups complies with this data privacy statement and all applicable statutory provisions, in specific the Swiss Data Protection Act (Schweizerisches Datenschutzgesetz, DSG) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). DB Backups also obliges its staff and any companies that process user data on its behalf to comply with the GDPR.

What type of data is being collected?

DB Backups collects personal data provided by external identity providers, when used to connect to our services. For example, Heroku provides us your email address and a token to access your databases.

DB Backups collects, for its purpose, a copy of all your databases. This copy is performed daily and contains all the data (and metadata) persisted in your systems.

DB Backups persists these data via Amazon S3 service, in locations along Europe, specifically in Frankfurt.

DB Backups assures to never use these copies for any purpose. DB Backups and everyone working at the service, will never read or execute analysis over your data.

The backups collected by DB Backups belong to the user and DB Backups will never resell these data or give access to third parties.

The email address is used to send reports about the status of your Backups and invoices.

Credit Card numbers are not collected directly by DB Backups. We use a service called Stripe, which is responsible to collect your credit card information and perform the payments. In any moment, DB Backups is aware of your Credit Card data.


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Your Data Protection Rights Under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

If you are a resident of the European Economic Area (EEA), Data Subjects have certain data protection rights. We aim to take reasonable steps to allow you to correct, amend, delete, or limit the use of Personal Data.

Access to Data

Under the Data Protection Act 1988, you have the right to be told what personal information we hold about you on our databases.

Who are we?

In case you need further information about this privacy or you have any complaint, please contact us.