Automated backups
Don't worry about your backups anymore.
We'll take care of them.

First 30 days are free. No credit card needed

We perform backups of your applications on Heroku, so you don't have to care about it anymore.

We send you detailed email reports of the backups we created

We let you configure freely how long you want to keep your backups

Download or restore your backups with a single click

A single, easy, flat rate: for all your applications.


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Relax. We've got you covered.
9€ / month
Trial of 30 days. No credit card needed
  • All your apps
  • All your databases
  • One backup per day
  • Daily backups stored for 30 days, weekly backups for 1 year
  • Monthly and yearly backups
  • Start
Right price
  • Don't worry about used space
  • Know exactly how much you spend
  • The more you use it the less you spend
  • Always available
  • Manual backups in one click
  • Restore and download instantly
  • All your data are safely encrypted
  • You can delete your data at any time
  • Redundancy around the globe